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Brighton Beautiful Interior Finishes

Inviting, Smooth, Durable Pool Finishes

Marblelite, Diamond Brite™, River RokPebble and Jewel Scapes all Glass Bead Interiors Will Make Your Pool Dazzle With Amazing Color!

Brighton Pools® replaces tile, coping, concrete & paver decking, resurfaces concrete and offers complete renovation and remodeling too! 

For the latest tile and coping selections click here.  

For concrete and natural stone paver decking click here.

Brighton Pools – Parkton, Maryland  |  River Rok Sapphire Bay interior finish

Nothing sets the mood of your pool and gives it character like the finish you choose.  Whether your desire is a sparkling Mediterranean Blue, a soothing deep indigo, or a warm inviting turquoise, the pool finish gives it its aesthetic signature.  Brighton Pools® installs beautiful pool finishes.  Take a look at some of the pool finish materials we install.  Prefer another finish?  Let us know!  We’ll work with you to create the pool of your dreams.

Surprisingly, pool remodeling can be quick and inexpensive.  In most cases, replastering is only a one to two day job.  New tile and coping replacement is generally is a two day project.  We can perform any structural repair as well. 

Plaster White Marbelite Pool Finishes

Brighton Pools – Seaside Heights, New Jersey |  River Rok Sapphire Bay interior finish

Marble snow white pool plaster is smooth and durable.  It’s blue because it reflects the sky.  Black dye can be added creating light gray to black color that will still pick-up a light blue to dark navy hue.  This choice is one of the most economical options around and can last the lifetime of the pool.

Pool Plaster, also known as marbelite or white coat, is a high-grade white cement mixed with marble dust for a brilliant white interior finish.  It’s used for gunite and concrete pool surfaces.  It can be mixed with dye to produce a gorgeous color for your pool!

Diamond BriteColor Quartz Finishes

Brighton Pools – Woodbridge, Virginia  |  Diamond Brite quartz aggregate is luxurious and the smoothest of finishes like marblelite white plaster. 

Diamond Brite pool finishes are created by blending quartz aggregates and fortified white Portland cement.  With a wide variety of colors available, Diamond Brite finishes are ideal for new pools or the refinishing of pools.  All are factory blended assuring a perfect finish.  Your pool will be a true original with super durability!  These finishes blend beauty and durability for a truly breathtaking pool finish.  The broad range of colors offers you versatility and variety.  The color of quartz pool finish aggregate is an upgrade that you’ll love for your pool!

River Rok™ Natural Pebble and Glass Bead Finishes

Brighton Pools – Kirkwood, Pennsylvania  |  River Rok custom glass bead and pebble interior finishes make your pool sparkle like jewelry.

Pebble and glass bead finishes will transform an ordinary swimming pool into a masterpiece of aquatic design.  Add a sparkle to any pool with rich luster that mesmerizes day or night.  Made with pebble, glass bead and enhanced Portland cement, the River Rok assortment of colors and textures means the sky’s the limit when choosing your pool finish.

Brighton Pools – Pasadena, Maryland  |  River Rok pebble finishes create sunlight refraction making pools interesting and dazzling!

Luxurious.  Distinctive.  Mesmerizing.  Pebble and glass bead pool finishes create an enchanting atmosphere in your swimming pool.  They combine durability with beauty for a pool finish that looks good and lasts long.

See beautiful Diamond Brite quartz aggregate colors.

See natural River Rok pebble and glass bead colors.

See spectacular Jewel Scapes all glass bead colors.

We offer water features that will create a tranquil environment with soothing sounds.  Our fire features (bowls, pits, torches and more) will create a warm space for conversation with family and friends!  Find out more here!

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