Brighton Smart Safety Pool Covers

Brighton Smart Safety Pool Covers

Technology that makes pools safe with much easier care! 

Pool covers have a variety of uses that go well beyond debris prevention.  These are an additional measure of safety by preventing unauthorized swimming.  They also protect your pool from damage and easier to care for.  They can be installed not only for winter but, while away for summer vacations too.

Brighton Pools® offers a variety of safety covers, solar pool covers and other pool covering systems for both residential and commercial pools.  We even have wall-mounted solar cover reel systems!

Benefits of a Pool Cover

Pool covers offer many benefits, including:

  • Safety – Prevent unsupervised swimming pools, especially by vulnerable pets and children
  • Savings – Reduced water evaporation and passive solar heating
  • Ease of Care – Prevent leaves and debris, reducing time spent cleaning
  • Can Reduce Algae Growth – Some smart covers eliminate ultra violet rays 

Brighton Pools – Strasburg, Pennsylvania | We replace spa and hot tub covers too!

A Smart Investment

Protecting children and pets from accidental pool time is vital.  A safety pool cover will help avoid a potentially dangerous situation!  Brighton Pools® offers Merlin® brand mesh and solid safety covers mesh in a variety of colors.

Commercial Pool Covers

Brighton Pools® has completed projects for the U.S. Naval Academy, Army, Secret Service, Air Force, major hotel chains and numerous universities and municipal pools.  Need maintenance for your commercial pool?  We offer professional commercial pool maintenance. 

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Professional Maintenance and Service Packages

Brighton Pools® offers pool maintenance packages.  Our services run the gamut — pool opening and closing services, weekly pool maintenance, cleaning, chemicals, water testing, water balance, inspections and more are all at Brighton Pools.

 Brighton Pools – Hamilton, New Jersey |  Custom Safety Cover “Flag Design”

Solar Pool Covers and Reels Systems for Residential or Commercial Pools

Keeping costs low and the water comfortable is easier with a solar pool cover.  These covers naturally heat your pool using solar energy, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Make the handling of your solar cover easier with a simple-to-use solar reel.  They’re perfect for storing your pool’s solar cover and reducing the risk of solar cover damage.  Solar reels come in automatic and manual versions, plus can be mounted on your wall or your deck.