Brighton Saltwater & Ultraviolet Ozone Sanitizing

The Saltwater Sanitizing Rage

Saving money on pool care is important, but not as important as safety and comfort for your swimming family!

Having a saltwater pool equipped with a salt generator means your pool has the ability to make chlorine from salt. No more buying chlorine or shock!  However, one of the greatest advantages is the ease.  The equipment does the measuring and dosing for you.  Your pool will be a dream to take care of and swimming will be more comfortable than ever.

More importantly, since people are traveling much more, they are spreading new stubborn pathogens and viruses, like the coronavirus, through the air, sweat, urine, feces, saliva and blood that carry new micro-organisms emerging everyday.

As the world population increases and climate change with flooding occurs, having the right sanitizing systems is crucial to your family’s safety.  Our food comes from other countries — we are more connected than we realize.

The AquaRiteSaltwater Sanitizing System Solution

The Hayward® AquaRite AQR940 cell produces 25% more chlorine and has a four year warranty.  Other brands, such as Pentair, have a 25% less cell life and 1 year warranty.

Certain salt systems house the electronic control together as the flow-cell.  This means should it go down, you may have to replace BOTH parts, resulting in a much more expensive repair solution.  The AquaRite system assures initial installation affordability with the longevity you would expect.  Less equipment maintenance saves money!  With automated cell-cleaning set it and forget it!  The best in ease of pool maintenance!

The HydraPure™ UltraViolet Ozone (UVO) Sanitizing System Provides Additional Assurance

Adding a HydraPure UltraViolet Ozone (UVO) system with a salt generator can eliminate 99.9% of pathogens including the ones that chlorine does not kill.  This means much safer water that’s incredibly easier to maintain!

The HydraPure advanced oxidation process combines the germ-killing properties of UV with the shock power of ozone to form hydroxyl radicals that destroy 99.9%* of chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

UVO can eliminate 99.9% of pathogens including the ones that chlorine does not kill.  This means much safer water that’s incredibly easier to maintain!  By reducing the required chlorine residual level, the presence of ozone also extends the service life of the electrolytic cells used in saltwater chlorination, which are expensive.

Non-organic materials such as dissolved metals (iron, copper, manganese, etc.) can be oxidized through the powerful Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) virtually eliminating metals surface staining.

Both systems can be installed in less than a day keeping your pool perfect and perfectly safe! Contact Brighton Pools® today for pricing-