Residential Pool Maintenance – Opening, Closing and Weekly

Professional Opening, Closing Maintenance and Service Packages

We offer pool opening and closing services, weekly pool maintenance, cleaning, chemicals, water testing, water balance, inspections and more.

Our experienced, friendly team provides all these maintenance and services featuring our professional grade of pool and spa products:

  • Pool Opening

Our pool opening is a complete service.  This package includes cover removal, blow or hose-off and roll/fold, equipment system start-up, adding start-up chemicals, and cleaning of coping, waterline and decks.
  • Perfect Pool™ 

The Perfect Pool package!  Includes everything included in the pool opening service, with 1 or 4 revisits for expert pool water balancing, cleaning, skimming, and equipment maintenance.


  • Brilliant Pool™

This is the ultimate pool care and pool maintenance package!  Brilliant Pool includes the pool opening and pool closing services, plus 7 or 14 weeks of pool maintenance.  All chemicals are included, along with our expert water balance package.  You’ll receive total pool care from Memorial Day through Labor Day, or customize as you wish.

  • Rosewater

Rosewater as the ultimate in pool care includes our opening and closing services, plus 28 weeks of twice weekly pool maintenanceAlso includes our luxury mineral salt borates for soft, silky super-comfortable water!

  • Jumpstart!

    Single Service cleaning up to 2-hours.  We vacuum the floor, steps and benches. We brush the side walls as well.  Test water and add proper balancing chemicals, algaecide and shock to clear green water.

  • Pool Closing

Our pool closing will assure your pool is safe for the freezing temperatures in certain regions. This package includes a complete pool system winterization, including Freeze-Safe removal of water from plumbing with compressed air, closing chemicals and cover installation.
  • Drain, Clean & Tough Stain Removal

Pool cleaning done right!  We’ll drain your pool, remove all leaves and debris, brush and clean the pool walls and floor.  For concrete pools we will pressure or muriatic acid wash for stain removal.
  • Luxury Water Chemistry

Our water balance package includes luxury water! We enhance your pool water for the best swimming experience.  We test the levels for total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, stabilizer, metals and total dissolved solids.  We’ll balance your pool water to ensure everything’s at the right level for healthy water and your safe clean enjoyment! 

For our Rosewater service we add *mineral salt borates for a “softer swim”. Your water will feel different- softer, silky and super comfortable!

*May be added to Opening, Perfect and Brilliant Pool for additional cost.

Our Maintenance and Service Packages Include:

Pool Opening

  • Remove winter cover, blow or hose-off and roll fold, place in customer storage
  • Remove skimmer winterizing plugs (owner to have water level at middle of skimmers)
  • Install skimmer baskets and return directional fittings
  • Install all filter, pump and heater plugs.
  • Open all valves, start motors prime pumps (owner to have electric power on)
  • Place in operation filter, sanitizing and heating equipment
  • Install deck equipment such as ladders and rails
  • Add start-up chemicals including shock, algae inhibitor (chemicals additional)
  • Clean coping and waterline tile
  • Advise customer of any issues

(Some pool sizes and features are additional per quote. Price is w/without all listed services. Chemicals are additional. Vacuuming not included.)

Perfect and Brilliant Pool Weekly Maintenance

  • Water testing for pH, salinity and chlorine levels
  • Water balance for total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and stabilizer
  • Add shock, algae inhibitor, stain & scale control, chlorine or salt
  • Brush walls, floor, benches and all interior surfaces
  • Waterline and coping cleaning
  • Empty filter, feature and spa pump strainer baskets
  • Empty through-wall skimmer baskets
  • Backwash, clean media or filter elements
  • Perform complete system check and flow-valve adjustments
  • Advise customer of any issues

Rosewater® with mineral salt borates for soft, silky super-comfortable water!   

Pool Winterization

  • Add winterizing chemicals 
  • Turn-off electric power breaker to equipment
  • Install skimmer and vacuum line plugs
  • Install return fitting plugs
  • Install expansion material in skimmers
  • Remove all water from plumbing with compressed air
  • Remove equipment plugs – filter, pump, heater
  • Drain equipment, store plugs in pump basket
  • Lower pool water level in concrete pools
  • Remove certain deck equipment such as ladders and rails
  • Install winter cover with water bags or spring/anchor attachments
  • Advise customer of any issues

Pool Winter Watch®

  • Three visits over winter months
  • Check water level and lower if necessary
  • Add appropriate dose of winterizing chemicals
  • Inspect cover and adjust straps or water tubes
  • Inspect winter plugs to be sure they’re in place
  • Inspect ice-expansion absorption material in skimmers
  • Inspect for rodents and snakes in equipment
  • Advise customer of any issues

Please call for pricing. Thank you!

Safety Pool Covers

We install safety pool covers too.  A pool cover will keep your pool clean, help protect your pool from damage, prevent unauthorized swimming, and heat your pool with solar energy.