Gorgeous Tile & Coping

Swimming Pool & Spa Tile and Coping Has Never Looked Better 

Noce full bullnose coping with Positano glass tile

White marble eased edge coping with Ocean Breeze glass tile and Diamond Brite Cool Blue interior finish

‘When it comes to pool and spa tile and coping, there are several new styles available!  Choose from beautiful mosaic tile in 6″x6”, 3″x3″, 2″x2″, multi-dimensional and glass tile.

Upgrading only the waterline tile on your pool and spa is an inexpensive way to make them look updated and gorgeous!  Ask your local Brighton Pools team to help design a new look through this less expensive approach!

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Stunning Pool Coping

Certainly, the biggest bang for your buck to create a new look for your pool is replacing the coping.  It’s the first thing you see!  Stunning selections of full bullnose or eased edge stone or brick in a variety of colors are now available through Brighton Pools.

Silver Travertine eased coping with Gerano Caribbean Grey vinyl liner pattern

Pennsylvania Bluestone full bullnose coping with white plaster interior finish

Autumn Leaves full bullnose safety grip brick pool coping with Diamond Bright Blue Quartz interior finish

Both stone and brick are available in sizes to fit your pool.  Finish the project with beautiful caulking between the pool deck and coping to protect your investment.

Beautiful Arctic Grey bullnose coping with Aqua Bella Light Blue Blend tile

Cobblestone full bullnose safety grip coping with French pattern Aeagan Blue glass tile and white interior finish

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If you’re considering re-plastering, there are many new beautiful sparkling interiors.

Quartz, pebble and glass bead finishes make pools brilliant and inviting.  Choose finishes that will coordinate with your tile and coping selections.  They can reduce the chance of staining making your pool look beautiful for years and easy to care for too!

River Rok interior finish with French pattern glass pool tile step trim

Darker colored interior finishes can be used with pools that are designed to blend with the landscape.  Finishes made with rich deep blue or dark azure hues will not only make the pool inviting but warmer to swim in!

No matter the depth of color chosen for the interior finish, the pool will take on a brilliant blue reflection.  Pebble and quartz finishes are available with stones mined from streams around the world in many colors.  Create a great look and smooth touch for comfortable swimming with quartz or different sized pebbles with your local Brighton Pools® team!

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