Pool in a Pool!

Pool within a Pool! A Simple Renovation Solution with a Brand New Pool!

That’s right, at Brighton Pools®, you can get a pool within a pool! No more liner replacements, leaks, or deteriorated pool walls!

Convert your vinyl liner, fiberglass in-ground, or even above ground pool into a beautiful brand new concrete pool!

Brighton Pools – Kidney shaped pool in Fallston, Maryland

We’ll build a completely all-new pool inside your existing fiberglass, vinyl in-ground or above ground pool.  Our team will install a steel rebar reinforced, monolithic gunite shell inside your pool.  You may choose to make the pool shallower, deeper or add an underwater sundeck, benches, larger steps or a LED multi-colored light.

Beautiful bullnose brick or natural stone coping and gorgeous ceramic or glass waterline tiles can be installed — add step and bench trim tile too!

Available in many beautiful colors, choose from White Marble Plaster, Diamond Brite Quartz or River Rok glass and pebble interior finishes.

Brighton Pools – Round pool in Annapolis, Maryland

It’s a simple, great solution that is lower in cost by using your existing in-ground or above ground pool as the form.  It’s much less disruptive and faster than building a pool from scratch. Usually there is no excavation!  And it only takes about a week with our team at Brighton Pools®!

Your existing deck and patio can stay or replace it.  Choose a new natural stone, brick paver, brushed finished, wooden, or exposed aggregate concrete deck.

Have new PVC plumbing and equipment installed or keep the existing!

Brighton Pools –  Rectangular pool in Sparks, Maryland

With a new gunite pool, the finish options feel limitless.  The Brighton Pools® team can help you make your pool all your own.

Beautiful Arctic Grey, natural stone full bullnose coping with Ocean Breeze ceramic tile and marble white plaster interior will enhance your pool! These finishes will last a lifetime with the proper care!

Include a full size underwater sundeck or a cuddle cove conversation pit and Cool Blue Diamond Bright interior finish!  You may choose a different depth for standing or diving.  It’s all up to you!

Choose gorgeous Torreón full bullnose natural stone coping with Azure glass waterline tile that’ll make you want to stay home and enjoy!

Seashell full bullnose brick coping with matching paver deck and Caribbean glass trim tile with Oyster Diamond Bright interior finish create an up-to-date look!  We offer dozens of tile and coping colors to fit your style.

Cobblestone full bullnose brick coping with matching back-up brick and marble white plaster finish is one of the most popular selections.  It’s also one of the most economical choices, yet gives a gorgeous look!

This warm California Gold full bullnose coping with back-up stone and marble white plaster interior finish will make your pool more inviting than ever!  The white marble interior makes the water look a light blue as it reflects the sky.

Stunning custom blue glass trim tile with this River Rok glass and pebble interior finish work together seamlessly to make the pool entry easy to see and beautiful to look at!  Trim tile can be installed on the step treads or risers.  We also offer mosaics.

Call our professionals at Brighton Pools® today!  We’ll provide a free estimate and proposal customized for you.