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Brighton Automatic Pool Cleaners

Brighton Automatic Pool Vacuum Systems

Make Pool Cleaning Easy with Way Less Effort

Dirt, bugs, sand, leaves and twigs in your pool can make for an unpleasant swim and could damage your pool interior surface.  Routine pool cleaning will remove this debris from your pool.  Automated swimming pool cleaners make the task of cleaning an in-ground pool easier and faster.

Use Brighton’s experience to know which automatic pool cleaners are the best including the state-of-the-art Aqua Vac 600 robotic pool cleaner (automatic pool vacuum) and other pool cleaning tools.

The Hayward® Aqua Vac 600® will keep your pool spotless! It climbs to scrub walls and vacuums floors, benches and steps!

Choose the Best Automatic Pool Cleaning Systems on the Market Today

You can find every top brand at Brighton Pools®.  Among the best, the top-rated automatic pool cleaners include:

The Different Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool Cleaners come in three types:

• Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

Suction-side cleaners use suction from your pool’s plumbing and filtration system to move the cleaner around the bottom and walls of your pool.  Suction cleaners are good for pools where debris is light.  Since they plugin to the pool skimmer, they may inhibit skimming if plugged into the return line.

• Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure-side cleaners use water pressure from your pool’s plumbing and filtration system to move the cleaner around the bottom and walls of your pool.  They utilize a separate plumbing line or and existing return line. They may inhibit water circulation.

• Robotic Pool Cleaners

Plug it in to a standard electric outlet, drop it in the pool, and let it work. It’s 12-volt design makes it completely safe.  It even turns itself off after a few hours.  The cleaner collects dirt and debris as it moves along the pool bottom and literally scrubs and cleans the walls and interior surfaces.  Robotic cleaners tend to be more expensive, but are very effective and they reduce wear and tear on your pool filtration system while helping your filter perform more efficiently.  They collect larger debris like small branches, twigs and leaves too!

Many pool cleaning systems require no installation.  Others may require initial set-up and configuration.  Contact us to discuss the system that best meets your needs.  We even provide delivery at no charge!

FAQ About Pool Cleaning Systems

Does my pool cleaning device have a warranty?

Most pool cleaner systems come with a limited warranty.  Brighton Pools® will provide an extended warranty and parts and service when needed.

Do I need an automated pool cleaning system?

Automatic pool cleaners are a convenient way to keep your pool clean and ready to use with less fuss and bother.  Although they won’t completely eliminate manual cleaning and maintenance, automatic cleaners do help reduce the need for brushing, skimming, and vacuuming the pool.  If you want your time back, auto cleaners are the way to go!

Are pool cleaning systems difficult to use?

Automatic pool cleaning systems are typically powered by your existing pool filtration system or their own motor.  They are easy to use.

What pool cleaning accessories (pool tools) do I need?

Depending on your pool, you may need a manual pool vacuum (head, hose and telescopic pole), leaf skimmer and rake, 18” wall brush (stainless bristles for concrete pools and nylon for vinyl liners).

Pool Cleaner Pre-Installation Checklist

Before you install an automated pool cleaner, review the warnings and safety information in the owner’s manual for your device.

Complete this checklist before installing the pool cleaner in your pool:

  • Check the vinyl liner closely for signs of deterioration or damage.
  • For concrete pools check the interior finish for degradation such as roughness, sandy surface, loose tile or chipped and missing plaster.

Contact Brighton Pools® for repairs if you discover any damage.

Complete the following steps before using your automatic swimming pool cleaner

  • Chemically balance the pool water.
  • Brush all pool interior surfaces and let the debris settle.
  • Start out clean. Vacuum thoroughly, but not necessarily needed, just best practice.
  • Clean the filter and pump strainer and skimmer baskets; clean if needed.

Pool Cleaners and Pool Damage

Over time, your concrete pool interior finish may experience deterioration, roughness and brittleness due to age, pool chemical imbalance and other factors.  Many pool owners worry that automatic pool cleaners will damage their tile or concrete pool.  In fact, the opposite is usually true: the pool finish will cause wear and tear on the automatic pool cleaner system.  Automatic cleaners are safe for any pool type including concrete, vinyl, PVC membrane and fiberglass pools.

Contact the pool experts at Brighton Pools to find out which automatic cleaner is best for you!

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