Safe Underwater LED Lighting

Underwater Lighting Fixtures and Accessories

One of the easiest ways to customize your pool lighting is to choose light fixtures that reflect your personal style.  Whimsical or soothing, energizing or meditative — the right pool light fixtures set the tone.  Consider the possibilities:

We have just about any retrofit light that’ll fit your pool’s existing niche.  We’ll work with you to choose underwater swimming pool lights and accessories to reflect the mood and style you’re looking for.

Underwater Pool Lighting Installation

We have the latest, safest LED low voltage multi color underwater pool lighting.  DIY pool light installation can be dangerous.  It’s best to use an experienced electrician for the installation — leave a task like this to a professional! We know what replacement lights can work in your pool, safely and correctly.

Underwater Pool Lighting Design

Need inspiration? Pool lights come in countless varieties.  Colors, luminescence, and motion — the possibilities are endless. If you need pool lighting ideas, our pool lighting experts will walk you through your pool light options or help you create a custom pool light design.

Underwater Pool Lighting Controls

Underwater pool light remote controls give pool owners endless versatility in automating their pool illumination.  Wireless pool controls put the power in the palm of your hand. Ask a Brighton pool design specialist about available options.

Underwater Pool Lighting Repair

Pool lights aren’t working?  We may be able to help.  Pool lights quit working for a variety of reasons, from faulty wiring and damaged bulbs to water in the fixture.  We can help troubleshoot pool lighting and help you understand your pool light replacement options.

Brighton Pools® is your one-stop-lighting-shop! We have transformers and junction boxes too! Paragon, Stay Rite, American, Hayward and Pentair are all here and they’re usually in stock for a faster turnaround time.