Commercial Pool Maintenance

Commercial Pool Maintenance and Equipment Repair Services

Brighton Pools® provides commercial pool maintenance and repair services to hotels, municipal pools, country clubs, apartment complexes, schools, colleges/universities and other large pool operators.

We offer professional pool care and maintenance for all pool venues

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Brighton Pools – Reserve at Riverside in Bel Air, Maryland

Our commercial pool care services are available for any size pool and include:

Opening / Summerizing

    • Remove cover (if applicable)
    • Re-installation of filtration system plugs and pool fittings
    • Winterization plugs removed from skimmers and return fittings
    • Installation of skimmer baskets
    • Chlorinators re-installed and tested
    • All parts will have appropriate sealants to ensure no leaks
    • All filtration and mechanical systems checked for leaks, pressure and flow
    • Filtration system will be primed and placed in use
    • Filtration system inspected and the manager/owner will be advised of condition
    • All pool equipment (guard chairs, diving boards, ladders, etc.) will be re-installed
    • Pool water tested and the manager/owner will be advised of condition
    • Owner’s chemicals used to begin pool balancing process
    • Pressure wash entire deck areas (optional)

Drain, Clean and Acid Wash Interior 

    • All the water pumped from the pool to the appropriate location
    • Debris piled or disposed of as requested
    • Pressure-wash the pool surface and clean with a solution of muriatic acid and water
    • Rinse pool surface thoroughly, neutralize water and discharge appropriately
    • Inspect and advise the manager/owner of condition

Closing / Winterizing

    • Plug all skimmers and return fittings
    • Lower pool water to winterization level
    • Apply compressed air to entire pool filtration system
    • Remove all filtration system plugs for drainage
    • Remove guard stands ladders and diving boards
    • Inspect and advise the manager/owner of condition
    • Install cover (if applicable)

Weekly Maintenance

    • Check influent and effluent pressures 
    • Clean strainer baskets
    • Backwash filter or clean filtration elements
    • Bleed air from pool filtration system
    • Check chlorinator meters and sodium hypochlorite vat liquid level (if applicable)
    • Empty skimmer baskets
    • Inspect and advise the manager/owner of condition
    • Test water, report and adjust water balance 

Winter Maintenance

    • Check water level and adjust if needed
    • Check winter plugs (re-blow lines if needed)
    • Check all filter equipment to be safe and free of water
    • Monitor and adjust water level
    • Blow debris off cover (if applicable)
    • Check and adjust tension of cover (if applicable)
    • Inspect and advise the manager/owner of condition

Commercial Custom Pool Covers

We install commercial pool safety covers.

Brighton Pools® has built commercial swimming pools for the U.S. Naval Academy, Army, Secret Service, Air Force, Major Hotel chains and numerous universities and municipal pools.

Equipment Repair, Service and Replacement

Brighton Pools – Howard County Public Schools Cedar Lane School Filtration System Replacement

We repair filtration systems on any commercial pool anywhere in the world.  Send us the plans and specifications and we’ll provide a proposal for your project.

Brighton Pools – Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland