Brighton Pools’ New Website Goes LIVE!

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Brighton Pools’ New Website Goes LIVE!

March 2022 kicked off with a bang for Brighton Pools. With refreshed content and visually stunning layouts, our newest website echoes our company’s new journey into national expansion. We now have updated interactive tools, fresh video content, updated manuals, and a brand new franchise opportunity site. Plus, we introduce our refer-a-friend program and cover the latest news to hit the industry. Let’s dive into a deeper look at what the new and improved Brighton Pools’ website has to offer.


Our website kicks off with a newly written company overview. It’s no secret that Brighton Pools has made quite the splash over the years, being the very first pool builder back in the 50s to pioneer residential pool building for middle class America (under our former name of Hohne Pools). The new site presents the fantastic, ongoing evolution of our brand, company, and procedures throughout the years in a digestible, engaging format. We are confident in our ability to be the best pool builder in the world, not just due to where we are now, but due to where we come from. The Brighton Pools’ website refresh shares our story in a concise, easy-to-read format. Additionally, our new build links directly to our franchise opportunity page for details on our franchisee support model and investment details.


We’ve kept some of the tried-and-true information that has proved useful to our clients over the decades. Things like informative articles and videos will continue to keep our customers educated so that they feel armed with knowledge as they make decisions regarding their upcoming pool projects or needs. Our website’s articles take a look at high traffic subjects that create organic leads and better our SEO. Customers who are in search of information regarding pool inspections during the home buying process or those who would love more details on patio and pool deck resurfacing are taken straight to the Brighton Pools’ site for easy-to-understand posts — the entire site is packed with pertinent information to help pool owners! Our videos have also continued to pull in new business. These videos are shareable, high quality content perfect for social media feeds, for sending to new leads, or for demonstrating a quick overview of our services.


Next, we’ve combed through every manual, manufacturer warranty, and product care page to ensure that the information is up-to-date and easy to digest for our clients — we strive to make the process of caring for Brighton Pools’ products and services as easy as possible! Some of the latest information covers plaster start-up care, maintenance of vinyl liner and PVC membranes, help with interior stain removal, navigating location of leaks, troubleshooting priming issues on filter pumps, and more. Our site even overviews how to open and close a pool each season, complete with in-depth details. Our customers can trust that they are being shown the latest information each and every time they visit the Brighton Pools website. Customers can also stay abreast of the latest news, industry insights, and design trends with our Latest News page.


More great news — the website refresh comes with additional features never before seen on our consumer facing platform. For starters, we have just rolled out our Friends First Program. While Brighton Pools offers pool owners the best-of-the-best in everything from customer service to project execution, our customers now get a brand new perk — $500 cash each time they refer a friend to Brighton Pools. In a world where positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations reign supreme, we’ve made it even easier for our customers to boast about their amazing experience while being rewarded with $500 for each and every new customer that signs on with us! Forget endless amounts of capital spent towards advertising — our best marketing tool is our already-satisfied customers. 


The customer experience continues to be enhanced through our new website. A wonderful feature we’ve just added is the sureTreat tool. This is a water treatment analysis tool completely free to use. It helps all Brighton Pools customers calculate the proper chemical dosage for their pool or spa and determine the correct products to use. It’s user-friendly and just one more way that Brighton Pools can champion our customers’ very best pool experience from installation, onward!


Here at Brighton Pools, we believe that the details and personal touches are what set us apart. We’re honed in on industry trends, the needs of our customer base, and the latest technologies. Keep pursuing our website to learn more!