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Outdoor spaces are rising in popularity as the best places to spread out, absorb vitamin D from the sun, and have some fun with the family. After all, families have canceled their vacations and are spending more time at home. A rising number of homeowners are merging their external environments with their internal spaces to minimize the sense of confinement that the COVID lockdown has created. Long-awaited projects are getting a new look, and luxurious backyard remodeling is certainly at the front of these decisions. The backyard offers a wealth of opportunities to design wellness spaces offering a sense of comfort, camaraderie, and enjoyment. The money invested in home entertainment now includes the exterior of the home as well as its interior.


Gone is the makeshift backyard, and in its place is an intriguingly gorgeous outdoor oasis. Homeowners have decided if they can’t travel to luxurious vacation spots due to the pandemic then they will create one of their own. Plus, they’ll do it with a focus on privacy. From greenery shelves to tall hedges to privacy fences, today’s backyard is getting a makeover that allows people to have their own quiet little getaway.

Greenery – Gorgeous Lawns, Gardens, and Hedges

People are obviously spending more time outside as vacations are cancelled, and there’s not much else to do. As a result, garden upgrades and lawn investments have surged. Homeowners simply want to look at luxuriously green lawns and brightly blooming plants as they indulge in a dip in the pool or a burger from the grill.

Upscale Seating Areas

Reconfiguring outdoor spaces often means designing them for a greater number of activities than ever before, including work, exercise, play, school, eating, and simply taking the time to spend with family, while social distancing, of course. While furniture is chosen to improve the overall aesthethic of the yard, it is also selected to allow family members to work, read, or converse. Slate patio floors, marble tables, outdoor projections screens, and comfortable chairs add to the aesthetic of this backyard spot.

Luxurious Amenities – Outdoor Kitchens Complete with Grills and Sinks

Today’s outdoor kitchens put the backyard grill of the past to shame. Outdoor eating areas offer luxurious countertops with functional sinks, and oversized grills with burners. A collection of deluxe grill accessories adds to the impression of a vacation getaway.

Pools and Home Spas

The money invested in home entertainment doesn’t end with outdoor seating and eating areas. Today’s homeowners want the feeling of staying at a luxury hotel, so they choose a pool, spa, or maybe both to keep the family entertained on hot days and steamy nights.

If your existing pool has lost its enticing welcome, you may want to consider extensive maintenance and repairs. If it has really lost its luster and appeal, you may want to do an entire pool makeover or a complete rebuild.

Consider pool upgrades like:

The duration of the pandemic isn’t predictable or known at the current time. You bought your house for a reason – you like it. Why not build on that sense of appreciation and tackle home improvements that give you even more reason to enjoy living in and outside of your home? The money invested in home entertainment and luxurious backyard remodeling is well worth the effort. Nothing inspires hope and inspiration like a few positive changes. Start with a smaller project to get you started or if you already know what you want, plunge right in and take charge of your outdoor environment today!

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