Dream Pool Remodel in Anne Arundel County

Looking to renovate your pool in Anne Arundel County? Now’s the time! There are so many choices when it comes to swimming pool finishes, patio and decking that are more affordable than ever.

Replacing your pools equipment can save time and money creating easier maintenance. New technologies include salt water pools, variable speed pumps and high-brid D/E cartridge filtration.

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Choose from natural stone or brick coping, glass or ceramic waterline tile. Mix deco tile at the waterline every few feet for your own unique look! 
Now, beautiful stone bullnose and eased edge coping is far less expensive than ever before. Brick coping is now available in a dozen colors! Bold and dramatic dark colors can look great with natural backyard settings or soft grays will blend and create a relaxing atmosphere for your own pool area.

Plaster interior finishes have been refined as well! While white plaster is still definitely a a great choice, finishes like quartz aggregate and pebble will provide an upgraded look that is sure to enhance the look of your pool.
The latest iridescent glass bead finishes are not only gorgeous, but soft to the touch as well.

Proper maintenance is so important! Our professional staff will teach you how to be sure your pool finishes will last a lifetime without added expense. 
Brighton Pools clients in Anne Arundel county include the U.S Naval Academy, the Maryland Yacht Club and Hilton and Marriott hotels.
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Brighton Pools is an awarding-winning pool renovation and construction company with exceptional customer service that you can count on. We will transform you’re pool into the beautiful environment that you’ll love!

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