How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for Winter

Some people prefer to leave their hot tubs running during winter, but many others decide to shut their spa down for the colder months of the year. Maybe they travel for holidays too much to really enjoy it, or perhaps they just want to cut down on costs.

Maryland winter’s can be unpredictable, so Maryland hot tub owners should take steps to prepare their outdoor hot tubs for winter as part of an overall hot tub maintenance routine.

Step one is to turn off the heater, cut the power to your hot tub, and drain the existing water (if you have an air blower, drain the water from that as well). Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to begin this hot tub winterizing routine:

  1. Remove your filters, and any filter compartments/skimmer baskets/filter canisters and clean them thoroughly. Hose them off to remove major debris, then soak them in a cleaning solution, and rinse to remove all residue.
  2. Loosen fittings in the plumbing system, drain, and inlets/outlets of the pump and heater. This will help prevent water from freezing in them and causing damage.
  3. Drain any remaining water out of the jet plumbing.
  4. If you have an external gas heater, shut it down by carefully following the manufacturers’ instructions, and remove all water from the unit.
  5. Wipe down all surfaces of your spa shell with a non-foaming cleaner, rinse thoroughly, and dry completely.
  6. Clean the cover inside and out and apply a protectant seal.
  7. Completely mop and remove any remaining water from the inside of your spa to prevent unnecessary freezing.
  8. Consider purchasing a hot tub cover to protect your hot tub.

Because of our cold winters, hot tubs in Maryland are often exposed to harsh elements. Properly preparing your hot tub for winter will keep it protected during cold weather, and will also make spring cleaning and reopening much more pleasant.

If you’ve experienced hot tub damage or need to replace hot tub parts, contact us about hot tub repair.

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