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Largest U.S. PVC Membrane Installer for Residential Pools

Brighton Pools In The News

Brighton Becomes Largest U.S. PVC Membrane Installer for Residential Pools
Eye-catching aesthetics and practical longevity come together in a fascinating technology — PVC membranes. Our experience with this innovative technology runs deep, including a project from 2001 in which our experts installed 10,000 square feet of PVC membrane in one of the largest pools in the U.S.!


After decades of product usage, Brighton Pools is now the largest PVC membrane installer for residential pools in the nation.


PVC membranes give pool owners and Brighton franchisees a new option for long lasting, leak-proof liner; leaks, cracks, corrosion, or pitting can easily be remedied by this state-of-the-art material. Vinyl liners’ durability begins to decrease dramatically throughout the seasons, carrying a life expectancy of as little as 10 years. Conversely, PVC membranes are the logical solution for repair and design changes, boasting a life expectancy of nearly 50 years. Truly, this material is perfect for older concrete plaster finish pools that are cracked, in need of disrepair or leaking. As the finishes on older commercial or residential concrete and vinyl pools become compromised, Brighton can quickly install a new PVC membrane directly over the original finish, including fiberglass and steel.


Whether a residential or commercial customer is seeking a brand new pool installation or a renovation, PVC membranes fit the bill. The liner is custom fit and installed to fit any size or shape pool. Dialectic heat welding technology assures a watertight vessel every time and can be easily repaired should the need arise.


The question of downtime for the pool is a huge factor for all clients, giving PVC membranes another positive marker; the material can be easily installed over previous liners or finishes in almost all weather conditions! Once the PVC membrane is installed, there is no downtime —no start-up brushing needed.


PVC is neutral in nature and will not affect the water chemistry like coatings made from plaster, concrete or other surfaces will. It is highly resistant to salts, acids, fats, bases, and alcohol, making it resistant to the corrosive effects of pool chemicals. Furthermore, the liner is easier for customers to keep clean due to its resistance to algae and bacteria growth.


Brighton Pools carries an enticing variety of luxurious patterns and designer colors for PVC membranes in both 60 and 80 mil thickness. The end-result is visually seamless, easily fitting into the design vision of pool owners and facility managers alike. PVC membranes are not only watertight and resistant to material issues, they are made with high quality pigments that stay vivid and that are resistant to fading.


The PVC membrane is an easy sale for Brighton Pools franchisees. Multi-faceted cost savings for each client include savings from product longevity, less downtime for commercial pool facilities, vastly reduced water loss due to water tightness, and less pool maintenance start-up costs. The product is resistant to puncturing and won’t succumb to the same ailments as its vinyl, steel, fiberglass, and concrete counterparts. Painted pools will not need sandblasting for paint removal, saving both time and money. Moreover, waterline tile is not needed with PVC membranes! A vast array of design choices and colors is an added bonus for this revolutionary, dependable, leak-proof product.


As the nation’s largest residential installer of PVC membranes, our franchise partners can trust Brighton Pools’ experience with the material and our vendors. When it comes to a high quality liner and a cost-effective solution for pool renovation or installation, PVC membranes are it!

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