Recent Projects: Overlee Pool Building and Renovation – Arlington, VA

Recent Project: Overlee Pool Renovation in Arlington, Virginia

Project Summary:

Three pools were included in this community pool renovation and pool building project in Arlington, Virginia, including a competitive diving pool, a zero entry social pool and a zero entry children’s wading pool.

Project Details:

The main pool at Overlee was 53 years old and showing its age. Hohne Pools led a construction of the Arlington, Va. pool.

The focal point of the pool renovation project was a 200,000 gallon T-shaped competitive diving pool. Hohne Pools built the pool with a fresh, up-to-date appearance with Diamond Bright brand interior finishes.

Hohne Pools built a baby pool/social pool to give the Arlington community a safe, enclosed space for small children to become acclimated to water. The social pool runs on a separate filter system as a health and safety feature, allowing the main Overlee pool to remain open in the event the children’s pool needs to be close for health purposes.

The new pool construction had 7,700 sq. ft. of total water surface area,

Interesting Notes:

The Overlee Pool is rumored to be haunted.


I was a weekly visitor to the Overlee pool built here in Arlington. That was my childhood pool and my sister is on the board. You all do some good work!

~ Myles McMorrow

You should know that people are saying great things about you and your efforts… I have had some experience in both general building and aquatic specific work, and I know that it is quite a process! I think people feel like we are lucky to have you. I actually learned how to swim and dive at Overlee in the late 1960′s, as did my brothers and sister, and then my own kids in this new millennium. So many of our family’s great memories were made at and with Overlee, and I can only say THANKS to you for helping a new wave of swimmers and divers make new and lasting memories.”

~ John Barry, Head Diving Coach
American University
(June 2012)