Buying a Home? Get a Pool Inspection

If you’re buying a home with a swimming pool, a pool inspection can alert you to potential safety problems and money traps. While a general home inspector may inspect your pool for you, it doesn’t hurt to have a professional pool inspector check out your pool.

Here are a few tips for getting a pool inspection:

  • Research the Pool Builder. Some pool builders earn a reputation for good work, while others earn a reputation for poor craftsmanship. Check Google+, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau for reviews of Maryland pool builders. (Side note: Check out the most recent reviews of Hohne Pools).
  • Inspect While the Pool is Operational. Any inspector who claims he can inspect a winterized or empty pool is misleading you. A proper pool inspection is done when the pool is operational. If the pool is currently out of commission, prepare to spend around $500 to bring the pool online and re-winterize if you purchase in the fall or winter. You may be able to negotiate with the home seller to cover the cost of bringing the pool online.
  • Check All Pool Systems. Your pool inspector should evaluate joints, ladders, diving equipment, pool covers, pumps, filtration systems, heaters, sanitizing system and other components. This is why a pool needs to be operational during the inspection and why a pool expert is better than a general home inspector.
  • Get a Written Inspection Report. A few hundred dollars for a pool inspection report is a small price to pay for piece of mind when buying a home. Nothing is worse than signing a mortgage, only to discover serious problems when opening your pool in the spring. A written pool inspection report ensures any issues are documented when negotiating with sellers.

If you’re buying a home with a swimming pool, contact Hohne Pools. We’ll help you identify potential issues before the sale and get the pool ready for swimming after the sale. You can reach us at 410.668.1300.

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