Brighton Pools and Progressive Geospatial Technology

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Brighton Pools and Progressive Geospatial Technology

Brighton Pools brings the best of both worlds to the pool industry. With over seven decades of pool construction and industry wisdom plus the utilization of the latest modern technologies for efficiency and cost savings, our model and execution of services is second to none. These technologies include a span of resources including our CRM software and our building materials, all working together to maximize profitability, speed up project time, and satisfy customers’ needs. Today we will touch on a revolutionary software that has allowed our efficiency to increase even more: geospatial technology.


Our franchise partners have access to the nation’s number #1 geospatial software through industry giant and pioneer, EagleView. EagleView is the very first aerial view mapping company in history and first launched in 2008 here in the States. Since then, the company has refined its tech, processes, and systems to deliver game changing software to clients all around the world, including Brighton Pools.


Geospatial technology harnesses the power of satellite imagery to deliver crystal clear aerial views of properties throughout the world. The images produced are 4x more detailed than standard aerial imagery and 70x more detailed than standard satellite imagery.


Brighton Pools franchisees can reduce turnaround times, cut costs, and make more money thanks to this innovative satellite-based technology.


Bidding jobs is extremely simple with the software in hand. The preciseness achieved by Brighton is down to the ninth decimal point — no guesswork here. By harnessing the power of geospatial technology, we are able to measure everything from the pool perimeter to surface area, down to the deck area and plumbing. The technology is constantly reviewed and revised to be better, with the latest updates always coming straight into our hands. Through this strategically chosen software, franchisees and customers both know they are getting the most accurate measurements available today.


The amazing automation of an otherwise manual task has left us with more time, more customers, and less hassle. All can be done from the kitchen table or office space of our franchise partners at lightning speed. Our franchisees can choose to deliver the results in person or virtually — whichever is preferred by the customer. 


Customers have had an outpouring of support for our estimate process. They can trust that the estimate they are getting is pinpointed with little error. The estimate process is less disruptive than the in-person measurements of yesteryear. There are no appointments needed. No schedules to line up. Instead, as soon as a request comes in, franchisees can quickly produce a project estimate using the software’s platform. The speed in which the estimate is produced is convenient to both the pool owner and Brighton Pools. Our customers can get a comprehensive proposal within minutes!


All property measurement reports can be ordered through the desktop application or the mobile app. Streamlining the quote process has never been easier. We have the EagleView app at our fingertips, easily producing accurate findings and proposals with just a few taps.


The geospatial technology speeds up the bidding process by leaps and bounds. As we have leveraged this tech, we’ve seen happier customers and more positive outcomes for all projects. Manpower, time, energy, and money are all saved, increasing our margins and our per year project load. Our franchise partners can trust that they are getting the very best in vendor relationships and technology. With our geospatial technology, business is smoother, customers are happier, and the bottom line robust.