Remodeling with Plaster, Tile, Coping and New Pool Liner

Diamond Brite Pool Finish - Super Blue

Beautiful pool finishes can be durable too! Swimming pools need updating and renovating for their plaster, vinyl liner, tile, coping and concrete decking from time to time. Just like your home decor, things change. For concrete or gunite pools new tile, coping and interior finishes can go a long way in making your pool look modern and up to date with very little effort.

Brick or stone bullnose coping is much less expensive than ever before. Waterline tile selections are gorgeous these days. Interior finishes, such as pebble and quartz aggregates can enhance the look of your swimming pool to create your own unique taste and style. In most cases those three things can be completed in just three or four days! The cost can be as low as $10,000. For vinyl liner pools a new liner with the most recent full-color prints can be as little as $4,000.

It’s time to enjoy your pool with a new look and updated appearance! Call our pool design professionals to assist in choosing the right finishes for your pool today! (410) 668-1300

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