Rockbridge County, Virginia

Brighton Pools is excited to bring our vast array of pool-related services and supplies to Rockbridge County, VA! We do it all — pool renovation, remodeling, construction and more, delivering an ultimate pool supply and service experience to our customers. We operate on a 100% customer satisfaction philosophy. From the start, we work hard to make sure our clients have what they need, when they need it.

Our team is excited for the opportunity to work with your for any of the following pool services:

Brand New Swimming Pool and Spa Construction

Whether you are a homeowner wanting a new poolscape for your backyard or a business owner needing a swimming pool for commercial purposes, our team is excited to help you. Brighton Pools employs the very best technicians, bringing over 70 years of industry knowledge and pool wisdom to your project. We never skimp on quality, ensuring that your pool will last a lifetime.

Spa & Pool Equipment

If you need repairs and maintenance to your existing pool’s equipment, Brighton Pools is the perfect company to help. Balancing your pool’s chemicals for its size and depth, as well as combining the right types, is vital to the viability of your water and to the health of your pool. Plus, Brighton Pools carries an in-depth list of pool equipment from the industry’s top brands. If you are seeking a one-stop pool supplier in Rockbridge County where you can get everything you need for your pool — Brighton Pools is it!

Pool Remodel and Renovation

Remodeling your pool is an incredible, low cost way to add value to your property and new fun to your poolscape. Our team is excited to guide you in the latest styles that match your personal preference. Tile, finish, decking — there are several choices that can uplift your backyard during the pool remodeling process! What else? Brighton Pools is happy to help with pool renovation. A pool in need of repair is a downer — don’t let another day go by without calling Brighton Pools to repair your pool’s equipment, finish, tile, or decking.

Brighton Pools Serves Rockbridge County, VA and Surrounding Counties

Rockbridge County, VA is a fantastic place to set roots down and build a pool of your dreams! The fair weather and moderate temps offer a year-round atmosphere perfect for outdoor activities. As such, there are several fun places to visit in the area. Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail, Ecco Adesso Vineyards, and Natural Bridge State Park are all right here.

Cities we serve include:

    • Brownsburg
    • Fairfield
    • Glasgow
    • Goshen
    • Natural Bridge
    • Natural Bridge Station
    • Raphine
    • Rockbridge Baths
    • Vesuvius

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Brighton Pools happily serves all areas throughout Rockbridge County, VA with our on-point professional pool installation, remodeling, renovation, and repair services.