Deciding Which Swimming Pool Safety Cover to Choose?

Knowing the latest types of pool covers available can be important in the decision to protect your children, pets and pool. A good cover can keep children, animals, debris and even sunlight out!
All the covers have strong webbing connected to a stainless steel high-tension spring with a stainless steel loop buckle. The webbing is anchored to the deck by solid brass thread-type anchors that screw up for the spring attachment, then flush with the deck in the summer.

pool cover hardware

There are four types of pool covers

  • Standard Mesh, the original 
  • Smarter Mesh allowing less sunlight through
  • Durable Mesh that is stronger than others 
  • Solid covers not made of mesh

1) Standard Mesh, the original

standard mesh pool cover

Standard mesh covers are the original safety cover and have a proven track record of high performance. These mesh covers are light-weight and easiest to remove and re-install. Standard mesh covers as shown above are available in green only. 

2) Smarter Mesh allowing less sunlight through

smarter mesh covers

Smarter mesh covers are constructed with a mesh type which provides 100% shade without the weight associated with solid covers. This type of cover is available in Green, Blue, Tan and Gray. They are 40% lighter than solid material. Smarter mesh covers filter down to an average particle size of 40 microns.

3) Durable Mesh that is stronger than others

mesh pool cover

Durable mesh covers consist of specially formulated polypropylene and nylon 2-ply webbing interconnected with a chemically and heat treated 6.4 oz. polypropylene mesh. They’re available in Green, Black, Blue, Tan and Gray. This mesh type is about 33% thicker and on average 68% stronger than standard mesh covers. 

4) Solid covers not made of mesh

solid pool cover

Solid covers are available with a fabric drain built into the cover allowing water through or without a drain so that a cover pump can be used to remove the water from the cover. They are the highest cost. They are difficult to install and remove as their heavier than all the other covers and more difficult to clean. 

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