Swim Season Ready? Harford County Pool Remodeling!

There’s never been a better time! Of course, choosing the most experienced contractor is most important for many reasons; but also especially when it comes to selecting the latest in swimming pool finishes! Beautiful tile and coping, are available in so many gorgeous styles and are more affordable than ever! If your pool deck needs an update we are the experts in repair and replacement as well. In many cases, usually the whole process only takes about a week or less!

Hohne Pools – Fallston, Maryland

Install full bullnose brick coping or natural stone in a random or square cut pattern. Sizes are available for your pool. Choose from glass or frost-proof ceramic waterline tile. Enhance the look with deco tile at the waterline for your own custom look! 
It’s all quite less expensive than before. Both brick and natural stone coping are now available in many shades of color that will be sure to enhance! Interesting darker hues can look perfect with wooded backyard settings or beautiful grays will lend to a calming, relaxing environment for your pool area. Choose an eased edge or bullnose.

Brighton Pools – Forest Hill, Maryland | Bluestone eased edge coping with Pebble grey interior finish

A wide selection of interior finishes are available too! White plaster will always be beautifully blue, but now there are finishes like Diamond Bright and River Rok with glass bead that is certain to dazzle! The sunlight will bounce off the surfaces creating an amazing show of brilliant color!

Brighton Pools – Abingdon, Maryland | Pebble and glass bead interior finish

Maintenance is easy and crucial! Our highly trained staff will show you how to protect your pool finishes so they will literally last last a lifetime looking beautiful the whole while. 
Replacing old outdated pool equipment can save labor and money creating easier maintenance. New technologies include ultra-violet light with ozone and saltwater pools, variable speed pumps and high-brid D/E cartridge filtration. Pools equipped with the latest in filtration and sanitizing systems means easier maintenance with crystal-clear safe water!
Hohne Pools clients in Harford County include the the Bayside community pool for the Army on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, the Marriott at Ripken Stadium and the Hampton Inn in Aberdeen.

Hohne Pools – Aberdeen, Maryland | Red brick bullnose coping with snow white plaster interior finish

Hohne Pools is an awarding-winning pool renovation, construction and maintenance company with exceptional customer service that you can count on. We’ve been building pools in Maryland for nearly 70 years. We will remodel your pool into a place of relaxation and family fun!

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