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Brighton Pools is an incredible national pool company based out of Maryland — it’s roots run deep in Baltimore soil with an amazing backstory to go with it! In 1954, Leroy C. Hone started a small pool company that made vinyl inground pools affordable for middle class America; this first foray into the swimming pool industry was named Hohne Pools. Fast forward almost 70 years later, and owner Gary Hohne chose to make the very same quality-crafted pools and streamlined services available to the rest of the country, renaming the company from Hohne Pools to Brighton Pools.


Brighton Pools is a one-stop-shop for all things pool! Maintenance, including opening and closing services, winterization, summerization, and ongoing cleanings, can be found at Brighton. Customers can choose from various packages that make pool cleaning a breeze, including water chemical treatments and pH balancing. The team also performs expert repair work, such as leak repair, filter replacement, pump repair, and other troubleshooting.


The legacy of Brighton Pools means customers are getting a proven system and unbeatable service for a value unsurpassed in the industry. Whether a person is seeking to expand the beauty of their backyard with a new Brighton Pools installation or a company is needing a breathtaking commercial-sized pool for their visitors, Brighton Pools can help. The entire process is easy to walk through, thanks to the friendly customer service of the team. For a new pool or a renovation, Brighton Pools offers a simple-to-use online tool to get an estimate fast using GPS technology. No more waiting for the technician to show up just to get a quote!


Although customer service reigns supreme with the brand, the product line is also above-the-bar. Throughout the decades, the company has honed in on the very best pool brands in the industry and utilized top-rated products in the market. For example, automatic pool cleaners are sourced from trusted brands like Aqua Vac, Polaris, Tiger Shark, and Hayward. Pool filters are brought in from Jandy and pool heaters can be found from Aqua Comfort and Starite, among others. These are just a sampling of the top-tier brands that are used in each and every Brighton Pools service.


Great news for pool owners across the country: Brighton Pools is now expanding through franchising! Every franchise territory will include the same great service offerings that people have come to expect from the brand. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Brighton Pools franchise owner, visit their franchise website at!


The first question to ask is what makes Brighton Pools worth the cost? For starters, Brighton Pools has been around since 1954. All of the kinks of operations have been worked out and the systems are flawless. Plus, the company gives you direct access to vendor relationships for the top pool brands, like Paragon, Stay Rite, American, Hayward and Pentair. Franchise partners will find that Brighton Pools is a work-from-home, service-focused model, lowering overhead and helping the scalability of the company.


Pools are in high demand. Did you know that there are an estimated 10 million residential pools and 300,000 commercial pools in the US? Brighton Pools is set to grow quickly in this market, which generally has disjointed independent contractors with poor workmanship and terrible customer service. Conversely, Brighton operates upon a philosophy of top quality customer service — every job is guaranteed, further exemplified in the company’s several warranties for the workmanship and products.


Besides the amazing product line and streamlined systems, franchise partners can expect a support model second-to-none. Working directly with the company’s owner, Gary Hohne, franchise partners will be guided through their business and have an accessible franchisor to help along the way! Gary has performed work for larger than life clients like the US President, the US Coast Guard, Land Rover, and dozens of others! Administrative guidance, marketing strategies, sales training, lead generation tools, and more are all included.


Ready to dive into this billion dollar industry? Brighton Pools is the way to go — now is the time to start the conversation! To learn more about this exciting swimming pool franchise, visit the Brighton Pools franchise site at