5 Reasons to Buy a Pool in Winter

Winter Pool Building - Maryland - Hohne Pools

Should you build a pool during winter? The short answer: Yes.

While cold weather may not inspire you to think about swimming outdoors, winter is the ideal time to buy a pool. Here are 7 reasons to build a pool during winter.

  1. Be Ready for Summer. Building a pool in January, February or March ensures you’ll have a swimming pool in time for summer. After all, if you wait ’til July to build a pool, the swimming season will be almost over.
  2. Avoid Delays. Like it or not, pool installation projects don’t always finish on schedule. Delays happen, usually because of rainy or inclement weather. While some delays are avoidable, others can’t be helped. Starting a pool construction early is smart planning and gives you a cushion in case of delays.
  3. Do Your Research. Starting your swimming pool purchase in winter gives you time to do your research, compare pool products, evaluate pricing, review warranties and choose a pool installer. Start early and give yourself time to evaluate the top Maryland pool builders and choose one you can depend on.
  4. Get to Know Your Pool Builder. When summer gets here, your pool installer is going to be busy…VERY busy. If you meet with your builder early, you’ll get more quality time to ask questions and get comfortable with your pool builder. (Pro Tip: Get to know the Hohne team).
  5. Get the Best Pool Pricing. Sometimes the best deals on pools and pool installation come during the off-peak season. Use our “Request an Estimate” form to get a free pool design estimate. We’ll help you design a pool that suits your budget.

If you’re thinking about building a pool in 2013, we’d love to show you why we’re consistently one of the top Maryland pool builders. We’ll answer your questions, get to know what you’re looking for, and help you choose a pool design that suits you.

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