Pool Cover Repairs

Maryland pool cover repair

A Maryland winter can be brutal on swimming pool covers: Ice, heavy snow, strong winds, and falling branches can leave your pool cover in need of repair. We’ve seen our share of winter pool cover repairs and have a few tips for you.

Pool Cover Patches

A pool cover patch kit is an essential pool repair item to have on-hand for emergencies. Even the most durable pool covers are susceptible to damage, and a patch kit is a handy fix for minor holes and tears.

Patch kits for winter pool covers are usually pretty easy to use, and the repair can be finished in a few easy steps: Simply clean and dry the area around the damage and apply the patch according to the instructions.

Mesh Pool Safety Cover Repairs

Mesh pool safety covers are more durable than you might imagine. Mesh pool covers are typically made with an interlocking weave that keeps a mesh cover from unraveling in the event of a puncture or tear. Still, a hole in a mesh pool cover can grow if left untreated. During winter, damaged mesh pool covers are especially vulnerable: Heavy snow weighing on a torn mesh cover can cause the tear to grow.

Solid Pool Safety Cover Repairs

A solid pool safety cover is made of PVC-reinforced vinyl and is very strong. Because they’re designed to maximize safety, a solid pool safety cover will usually withstand minor damage, even if you don’t patch the hole right away. It’s still a good idea to patch a pool safety cover anyway.

When repairing a safety pool cover, a sewn patch is a good idea for large holes more than 3″ long. Replacing pool cover panels is an even better option.

Call a Pool Repair Company for Large Repairs

For large damage to a pool cover, your best bet is to call a pool repair company. If you live in Maryland, Hohne Pools can provide an estimate for pool repair and pool cover repair costs. Contact us today for a repair estimate.

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